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Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are a popular and aesthetic procedure to achieve an attractive look. Take some time to get ready for the appointment if you want your extensions to look their best and last as long as possible. The following eight suggestions can help you prepare for your appointment.

By adhering to these specific suggestions, you can ensure that your experience with lash extensions in Tucson is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful way to honor your lash technician.


Tips To Prepare For First Eyelash Extensions:

1. Avoid caffeine

Many of us enjoy brewing a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but did you realize that this practice might make your visit for eyelashes less enjoyable? Because our lashes may flutter when we consume caffeine or other stimulants, the technician may have difficulty correctly applying for the extensions. Therefore, the next time you have an appointment for eyelash extensions, be sure to forego the coffee and have a relaxing cup afterward. Your eyelashes will appreciate it!

2. Arrive with a clean face and clean eyelashes

Arrive with clean lashes in order to get the most out of your lash extension service. Makeup and residual oils will obstruct the adhesive’s ability to adhere correctly, leading to poor retention. Only a few minutes should be spent by your lash artist cleaning and preparing your lashes. This means more time is spent applying lash extensions rather than cleaning, giving eyes a fuller, more appealing appearance.

3. Dress comfortably

One of the best pieces of advice we can provide you is to wear comfortable clothing to your appointment for eyelashes. You should dress comfortably because, depending on the type of set you booked for, you’ll be lying down for at least an hour. Wearing relaxed clothes will make it easier for you to unwind and enjoy the pampering.

4. Avoid using oil-based products

Before the consultation, you must refrain from applying oil-based items around your eyes. Oil has the potential to break down the adhesive, which will make it challenging for the lashes to stay in place. You’ll require additional fills regularly because it will significantly lower your retention.

5. Bring headphones

As we previously indicated, you will lie down for at least an hour. Many folks bring their headphones to their eyelash appointments because they want to listen to music or podcasts while waiting. This can assist in passing the time and improve the overall enjoyment of the situation.

Call Professional Lash Stylist

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